Tuesday, July 27, 2010


North East part of India, comprising of hundreds of communities and near a hundred language, however can easily speak in a common language of unison...

A language that tells tales of rich history of communities which however is overshadowed by a chaotic present. But in chaos there is a language too, where words of truth, optimism and hopes are there which remains scattered. It needs to be bind together and given a common voice that speaks for the people, of their angst, of their reality,their dreams and their tears and that smile that is hidden.
Given this backdrop THE TRIBAL REPORTER will propose to provide a common platform for all tribal communities of North East India and bring them closer to rest of the India.


Contrary to mainstream medias coverage of Tribal issues of North East India ,The Tribal Reporter will be for the first time exclusively provide in depth analysis of crucial tribal issues of North East India.Its prinipal objectives will be:
1.Bring forth unreported news from remote tribal areas .
2.Facilitate a dialogue between different communities of NE India through various printed forum and exchange of views.
3.Holding national level campaigning on policy research on tribals peoeple of NE India.
4.Providing an analysis to socio economic status of Tribal in contrast to governments assements.
5.A special focus on rich tribal cultures of the region with an aim to preseveration of cultural ethos.
6.Giving a wide space to upcoming writers of the region to share their views.
Thus the The Tribal Reporter is for everyone - from writers to researchers, from social activists to policy makers.

Focus Areas

The tribal reporter will focus on areas of

 1.Traditional art and craft 


3.Traditional Medicine.

4.Tribal Life style.

5.Eco tourism.


7. Development.


Already publishing in three languages English,Assamese and Karbi , it has ambitious plan to publish in other local languages and strengthen its web presence.